10 Steps to Smarter (And Faster) Research For Your Novel

Who else wants to save time and start writing much earlier? The Masterclass with historian Dr. Barbara Ellermeier


Instead Of Wasting Your Precious Writing Time

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way for you to finish research in a reasonable amount of time, so that you can start writing on November 1st?

Coming up on Thursday, September 20 at 11 PM Eastern = 17 o'clock Berlin time, I’m hosting a private masterclass (with a follow-along digital guide) to share the research process I use with my author clients with you. Including:

>> How to save time by limiting your research time – while not compromising on the quality of your original sources

>> How to create your personal research plan – even if you only have a rough outline, or just some ideas

>> What to research first (and what to leave out for now!)

>> And more

Come join us, and let's plan your research. See you inside!