Dr. Barbara Ellermeier

Handpicked historical material for authors who want to write about the past.


Dr. Barbara Ellermeier creates material dossiers to save authors a lot of time and energy. Combining an author’s perspective with her research expertise and her network of history experts, she is able to provide hand-picked, historical material – so that you can concentrate on writing. Let's find you just the right details that make each novel special.

Peruse Barbara’s hand-selected resources for authors at howtowritehistory.com

Material Dossiers

The Material Dossier about D-Day in France, 1944

The Material Dossier about D-Day in France, 1944

Authors who write historical novels have tight publishing schedules, but often freeeeeeeeeeze during the research phase.The Material Dossiers help authors like you find reliable historical research materials, generate plenty of ideas and start writing confidently, with a solid historical foundation.
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